This restaurant has been leaving an important message about immigrants on receipts

Josh Withey@josh_withey
Friday 21 July 2017 10:30

Sunset Junction coffee shop on West Sunset in Los Angeles sounds like a pretty awesome place.

They serve breakfast lunch and dinner, plenty of sweet goods and apparently you can bring your dog along too - which, let's face it, is a treat for other patrons.

But there's another nice little hidden detail of the eatery that was spotted and shared by journalist Journalist Sophie Heawood.

Sophie was eating at the coffee shop on Wednesday (a burrito if you're interested) and noticed a rather lovely addition to the bottom of her receipt.

Just at the bottom it reads:

Immigrants make America great.... and cooked and served your food.

Picture: @heawood(@heawood)

The phrase "make America great" its plucked straight from Donald Trump's campaign slogan.

In his first six months in office Mr Trump has announced a new immigrant crime agency - pledging to publish a list of crimes by 'aliens' -, and attempted to push through a travel ban for people travelling from a number of Muslim majority countries.

Coincidentally, today it was announced that the US has also banned American citizens from visiting North Korea for 30 days.

It might be a small gesture, but conveying the importance of immigrants and immigration in any form is an excellent way to defeat negative and isolationist rhetoric.

The food looks pretty darn awesome as well.

You can probably sense the food jealousy from here.

Nice one Sunset Junction.

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