Theresa May is facing a vote of no confidence and people are despairing in British democracy

Lowenna Waters
Wednesday 12 December 2018 09:30

Theresa May will face a vote of no confidence in her leadership later today, after 48 of her own MPs delivered letters calling for a contest, triggering a leadership challenge.

Things have gone from bad to worse for the embattled prime minister, who took the reigns shortly after the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and has faced criticism from both Brexiteers and Remainers over her proposed Brexit divorce deal with the EU.

This morning, May delivered a speech outside of Number 10, in which she vowed to fight the contest with everything she's got. Finishing her address, she said:

I have devoted myself unsparingly to these tasks ever since I became prime minister and I stand ready to finish the job.

Conservative MPs are due to vote on her leadership between 6pm and 8pm this evening, and Mrs May will need a majority in her favour to win. If she fails to do so, there will be a contest in which she won't be able to stand.

Needless to say, at this point people are starting to lose the will to live, and also losing confidence in British democracy.

They're also unimpressed by the other leadership options available...

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