This great map lets you explore the history of migration for every single country

Louis Dor
Tuesday 08 September 2015 13:50

Amid all the recent clamour, arguments and figures regarding the refugee crisis and the wider, separate topic of immigration, it sometimes can be easy to get lost in all the numbers.

The International Organisation for Migration has a visualisation which allows users to see at a glance the multinational make-up of countries' populations.

Using data taken from the World Bank in 2010, it built a tool which helps users comprehend the numbers for inward and outward migration in each individual country.

To use the visualisation, click on a country and see the pattern of migration to or from the nation.

Each circle represents up to 20,000 people, which you can hover over to see the nationalities thereof.

Note: To view the migration app you will require a modern web browser. If you are running Internet Explorer 8 or earlier you will need to download a newer browser to view.

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