This U-shaped skyscraper is incredible

Kiara Keane@kiarakeane
Friday 24 March 2017 12:45

A New York design studio has created an incredible U-shaped skyscraper, hailed as the longest building in the world.

‘The Big Bend', which would sit on 'Billionaire’s Row' on 57th Street in Manhattan, was created to get around New York’s strict zoning laws.

Picture: Oiio(Oiio)

The innovative idea was dreamed up by design studio Oiio and is still in the early concept stages.

They explained:

New York City’s zoning laws have created a peculiar set of tricks through which developers try to maximise their property’s height in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise structure. But what if we substituted height with length? What if our buildings were long instead of tall?

At an incredible 4,000ft, it would be the longest building in the world, leaving Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in second place at a mere 2,722ft.

Picture: Oiio(Oiio)

In order to get around the U-shaped building, The Big Bend’s elevator system is even designed to travel horizontally and in loops.

They added:

We can now provide our structures with the measurements that will make them stand out without worrying about the limits of the sky.

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