Metallica headlining new Fortnite Festival season - everything you need to know

Metallica headlining new Fortnite Festival season - everything you need to know
Fortnite Festival - Battle Stage Trailer (feat. Metallica)

Following widespread rumours, Metallica has been confirmed to be the headline act of Season Four of Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite Festival is a rhythm game within Fortnite's launcher developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix with similar controls to that game series.

Previous headliners of the main stage include Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and The Weeknd.

Metallica members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are the Icons of Season Four.

Season Four starts on June 13 through to August 16 - there will be a new Battle Stage along with Metallica songs being available on the Jam and Main Stages.

The Battle Stage will see players battling opponents across a four-song setlist to be the last one standing when the curtain comes down and it all fades to black.

Each public Battle Stage match begins with up to 16 players who all compete to get the highest score on a randomly chosen song.

Although the same track will be played as everyone else, players get to choose their song part and difficulty - the four lowest scoring players are eliminated at the end of each track until there's a winner.

Attacks can be launched to slow players down or break streaks and whatever part is played, Epic Games says it's a level playing field.

Private matches can be played too and in these, players have the freedom to choose the tracks they want to do battle in.

There's also a Battle Royale POI based on the M72 World Tour, a Rocket Racing track and a brand new season pass.

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