MissMikkaa beats all Elden Ring bosses on hardest difficulty with level one character

MissMikkaa beats all Elden Ring bosses on hardest difficulty with level one character
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Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has beaten all bosses in Elden Ring on the hardest difficulty with a level one character.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game released in 2022 to widespread critical acclaim, scooping multiple game of the year accolades and more along the way.

MissMikkaa has been streaming her efforts throughout tackling this challenge in a game that's renowned for being difficult.

In terms of the hardest difficulty, the eighth journey through the world, or New Game +7 (NG+7), marks the end of the game's scaling.

That means any journeys after this one will have an identical difficulty level and rewards.

And MissMikkaa has managed to beat all of the bosses in the game with a character that's level one.

NG+7 has a difficulty multiplier of x1.275 meaning enemies and bosses deal more damage and themselves have more health to make it more challenging for the player.

Enemies have reduced stance damage of 40 percent too.

Streamer Kai Cenat recently took on his own Elden Ring challenge, running a marathon broadcast which didn't stop until he started and finished the game.

Cenat beat the game after streaming for 167 hours and dying in-game 1,701 times; one boss reportedly took him 30 hours and 433 deaths to beat.

Elden Ring's only DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, releases June 21 - in a recent interview with Chinese outlet Campfire Camp, Elden Ring game director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed details about the upcoming DLC.

Translated from Chinese on Google, Miyazaki said: "Elden Ring emphasises the exploration and adventure of the big world. In order to provide such an experience, a vast and huge scene is inevitably needed. Therefore, instead of splitting it into several parts, it is better to simply make one big."

"The DLC adds many new weapons, new combat skills, and new spells.

"There is actually no so-called 'end' to the DLC. Of course, it will not have as many endings as the main body, but players will still have to face some 'choices' during the game."

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