Nintendo Switch 2 'evolution not revolution' says expert

Nintendo Switch 2 'evolution not revolution' says expert
Nintendo Switch 2 is going to bridge the power gap with the …
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The Switch 2 console is likely to be "evolution not revolution" according to a video games expert but says "when it comes to Nintendo, don't rule anything out".

It was reported Nintendo's latest console could be released in 2024 but it's since been said the Switch 2 is likely to launch sometime in 2025, the same year that GTA 6 comes out.

Specific details about it from Nintendo are scarce at present but one expert says a lot can be read into recent releases for the current Nintendo Switch.

George Osborn is the creator of Video Games Industry Memo and the managing director of Half-Space Consulting with 15 years' experience in the industry having also studied at the University of Cambridge.

Speaking to Indy100, he said: "What we have heard is it's probably not likely to be wildly different from the original Switch - it's likely to be a bit of an upgrade, a bit of a bump and the basis for this are conversations Nintendo were having at big industry event Gamescom.

"Nintendo denied it was happening but people were reporting they were showing upscaled versions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that were more high end, like a PS4 Pro or towards a low end PS5 graphics."

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It was reported the Switch 2 was shown to developers at the event but this has not been confirmed.

"What you're likely to see is evolution not revolution but I always say, when it comes to Nintendo, don't rule anything out," George said.

"Every single time you think you've got them pegged, they've got a fantastic idea or completely different way to play that just surprises you.

"What's probably more realistic is that you just look at the releases from Nintendo this year and you can see there are some great games but they tend to be remakes or smaller releases.

"That indicates very strongly they're preparing for something new."

Looking at how Nintendo has previously revealed consoles, George said things can move very quickly.

"We are are probably now increasingly likely to see a new Nintendo Switch next year. I think it was being talked about towards the end of this year; might still happen but a new Switch might be next year," he said.

"Nintendo has legendarily been able to keep these kind of things very, very close to their chest.

"There isn't a huge amount of detail out there and Nintendo tends to launch its consoles pretty late in the launch run-up.

"Looking at the full lineup of the Switch, it wasn't fully announced until three or four months before it actually came out."

George also thinks that if the Switch 2 does come out next year, along with GTA 6, "it will help the market, energy will be back".

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