Gamers stunned at new Star Wars Outlaws announcement

Gamers stunned at new Star Wars Outlaws announcement
Watch the new Game Overview Video for #StarWarsOutlaws!

After further announcements were made about Star Wars Outlaws during Ubisoft Forward on June 10, gamers took to social media to share how stunned they were at how good the game looks.

Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming open-world adventure game releasing on August 30 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC with three days early access with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass.

Ubisoft Forward is an annual showcase by the publisher revealing more details about what's being worked on and when new titles will be released.

And a number of new announcements about Star Wars Outlaws were made during the event.

A new overview focused on some of the new locations that can be explored along with different missions.

Some have had the chance to play three missions in an hour-long demo and reported while some of the mechanics from a Ubisoft game feel familiar, there could be potential for the game to be great in what players can get up to in the open-world.

But one thing that seems to have stood out to gamers among these announcements was just how good the game looks - they're impressed with features that were shown off too and the prospect of the game being open-world.

Star Wars Outlaws is set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - it's developed by Massive Entertainment who also make Tom Clancy's The Division series and most recently Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Kay Vess is the main protagonist, a scoundrel who must navigate the criminal underworld to pull off an impossible heist and secure her freedom along with her loyal companion Nix.

It will be an open-world game where the player takes on different missions for different criminal organisations with Jabba the Hutt featuring along with Han Solo in carbonite.

Sliro, the main antagonist, is one of the galaxy's elite, living in Canto Bight and leading his own burgeoning and highly lethal criminal syndicate, Zerek Besh, says Ubisoft.

After a failed job, Sliro doesn’t take kindly to Kay, placing a bounty on her head and sending one of the galaxy’s best bounty hunters, Vail, to hunt her down.

In search of her freedom from the bounty that follows her, Kay will set out across the Outer Rim, seeking out and convincing skilled and capable outlaws to help her pull off one of the greatest heists the galaxy has ever seen - stealing Sliro's fortune.

The Pyke Syndicate, The Hutt Cartel, and Ashiga Clan all feature along with Crimson Dawn too.

Across the Outer Rim, Kay will build her reputation and form tense and ever-changing alliances with each of these syndicates.

Kay and Nix will come face-to-face with their leader Jabba in his iconic throne room on Tatooine but the Hutt presence will be felt across other locations and planets too.

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