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Streamers are being bullied to tears for playing new Hogwarts Legacy video game

Streamers are being bullied to tears for playing new Hogwarts Legacy video game
Hogwarts Legacy reviews are in…

The new Harry Potter video game, Hogwarts Legacy, is causing major controversy online as some people are accusing others of being transphobic for playing the game due to its links to JK Rowling.

The game has been highly anticipated among Harry Potter fans and gamers as it promised to be an immersive experience in the Wizarding World where users can play as a student at Hogwarts.

But since the game is part of Rowling’s franchise, some have called on gamers to boycott Hogwarts Legacydue to Rowling’s views on transgender people.

The author and creator of Harry Potter has mocked gender fluidity and disparaged gender-inclusive wording.

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On Twitter, Rowling has rudely responded to transgender or nonbinary people who have called her out.

With the obvious ties to Rowling, streamers are left with a moral dilemma to either show allyship with the transgender community by boycotting the game or ignore the backlash and play Hogwarts Legacy.

And those who have chosen the latter are feeling the heat.

Twitch streamer Shelby of GirlfriendReviews became audibly upset when she and her partner, Matt, received massive amounts of backlash for streaming the game.

Other streamers have faced similar commentary and even a website has emerged that lets people check if their favorite gamers have played “that new wizard game.”

Popular streamer HasanAbi said he is choosing not to review the game to avoid all controversy.

“The only reason why I am not playing this game and I know a bunch of other people are not playing this game is because we know that it’s not worth it to get f***ing bullied endlessly and called transphobic endlessly when we have massive queer communities and audiences,” HasanAbi said.

And both sides of the argument have been vocal with some believing it is extreme to ask people to not play the highly anticipated game.

Others, want to encourage people to stand with the LGBTQ+ community, especially since transgender people have faced outward discrimination in legislation over the last year.

The game will be available to the public starting Friday, February 10th.

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