"I lost my nursing job for having an OnlyFans - now I'm a millionaire"

"I lost my nursing job for having an OnlyFans - now I'm a millionaire"
Jam Press

A mum-of-two who ditched her nursing career for OnlyFans after being outed by her colleagues reveals she is now making $1m a year.

Allie Rae first made headlines in 2021 after being forced to quit her senior neonatal nurse position as coworkers allegedly informed the hospital of her saucy side hustle.

Despite being forced out of healthcare and a career she held for 15 years, the mum, who has three sons, hasn't looked back and stands firm that she has "never lived a life of regret”.

The 38-year-old, who creates content exclusively with her husband, Steve, 39, is now raking in the cash and launching her own projects. "I am still making over a million a year,” the Bostonian, who has 186,000 followers (@theallierae) told Jam Press.

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"There are some things I would do differently but then again, I am pretty happy with where I am at, so it's hard to want to look back and change anything. One thing about me is, I am always gonna do what I wanna do. “I own every decision I have ever made."

Following the judgement from former colleagues, Allie no longer keeps in touch with them and says only one person has since reached out to apologise. The model said: "I don't feel it was genuine though — I think it was because she was scared I might disclose who she was to the press. "With that being said, she is the only one – out of the five mean girls who went to bat to get me fired – that has actually even tried to reach out."

Jam Press

Lack of support from her co-workers aside, Allie has found other nurses online to be more encouraging of her endeavours. She said: "I recently had a fellow nurse reach out to me and say that I am somewhat of a 'legend' and 'hero' to the healthcare community of Boston – and that was probably one the coolest messages to receive. Especially considering how much backlash I got for what happened to me. “Many look up to me as 'someone who escaped the corporate atmosphere of overworked and underpaid healthcare workers' and is now living her best life. Many people are afraid to make that jump, and I did it, despite the risk – and look at me now."

While her earnings can vary month by month, the mum is now a millionaire and has even launched her own raunchy content site, dubbed Wetspace, as well as a craft beer reviewing show called ‘Tap That with Allie Rae’.

She said: "This is something very special to me, considering it's kinda where my entire social media journey all began. It's very cool to go full circle and back to my roots doing what I love and what led me to starting my OF journey."

But there have been challenges too. A rise in notoriety has instilled Allie with concerns about the safety for her family after crazed fans took their support too far.

Jam Press

She said: “As a wife, mother and veteran, I take a lot of heat for what I do, but that just rolls off my shoulders and doesn't bother me, but on the other hand, I would say security is probably my number one downside to this industry.

“I am constantly trying to protect my privacy and my life outside of OnlyFans. I have some people who have become very attached to me and my story and many times have crossed the line. The other downside is that work never stops when you work for yourself, we are running a business and I am working 16+ hours a day. "Although that may be a downside for most, it is not for me, it's the perfect environment for me to thrive and continue growing my brand. “I am addicted to what I do, and that's why I do it so well."

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