Brit in US asks for sandwich to be buttered - and can't believe what happened

Brit in US asks for sandwich to be buttered - and can't believe what happened
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There has always discourse surrounding the cultural differences between the UK and US, particularly when it comes to food (just look at Americans learning about crisp butties and discovering British Chinese takeaways).

Now, a new food debate has been ignited after a Brit in the states had a simple request for his sandwich to be buttered - and it was... just not in the way he expected.

In a post to Reddit's 'Casual UK' forum, user jelinski619 wrote: "They don't butter their sandwiches across the pond. This is what happened when my Dad asked for his to be buttered."

Attached was a photo of the said sandwich, where instead of the insides being buttered, the butter was spread on outside.

The post has since received 22,000 upvotes, along with thousands of comments from people who weighed into the butter spreading discussion.

Some noted shared some personal anecdotes on the topic.

One person wrote: "My girlfriend is from the US and when I asked her if she'd buttered the bread for a sandwich she looked at me like I'd just grown a second head."

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"I'm from the US too, and butter on a sandwich is def less common in the US, but it's not like we are unfamiliar with spreading it on bread," another person said.

Someone else added: "The first time I asked my non-British husband to butter some bread rolls to go with some soup he put the butter on the top just like this. To this day I don't understand the thought process that brought him to that decision."

A few pointed out that the butter on top would've been perfect for a toastie - just not for your bog standard sandwich.

"Looks ready to make a toastie though," one person commented.

Someone else replied: "Only reason I can think for the outside Butter would be making a toastie, which obv[iously] isn't the case here."

"Jeez. Only reasonable course of action here is to make it into a toastie," another person said.

While others simply couldn't understand how someone could spread butter on the outside of a sandwich.

One person wrote: "How the f*** do you come to the conclusion that that it is the OUTSIDE OF THE SANDWICH that must be buttered."

"Surely even just logic alone would tell you the butter would be on the inside. Why would you butter the outside of the bread?" another person said.

Someone else commented: "Monstrosity. My condolences at this difficult time."

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