Brits are debating what the best brand of tea is and people have strong opinions

<p>What’s your favourite brand of tea? People were debating on Twitter.</p>

What’s your favourite brand of tea? People were debating on Twitter.

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We all know us Brits love a good cup of tea.

Around 84% of the British population drink tea and herbal infusions every day with approximately 100 million cups consumed daily – almost 36 billion per year.

That’s a LOT of tea.

So when an American woman on Twitter asked her UK followers “What is the the best kind of British tea?”, she was inundated with responses – and there were inevitably some strong opinions.

Melissa Amateis wanted to know which brand the best and received more than 1,000 replies from people giving their top tea recommendations.

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The UK tea market is dominated by five brands - PG Tips (owned by Unilever), Yorkshire Tea (owned by Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate), Tetley (owned by TataTeaLimited), Typhoo (owned by the Indian conglomerate Apeejay Surrendra Group) and Twinings (owned by Associated British Foods).

Yorkshire Tea was a common response, with the name trending on Twitter and tea drinkers raved about the brand:

Earl Grey also trended in response to the question, but of course it’s a different tea blend altogether:

An honourable mention for PG Tips, which seemed to come in close second to Yorkshire Tea.

People also provided very specific details when it came to describing how to brew a cuppa.

Some noted Melissa was asking a very divisive question:

And others took the chance to ensure everyone understood the meaning of the term “builder’s tea”:

Many noted that tea originated from China, and the beverage became popular in the UK during the 17th century:

So what choice did Melissa go for in the end?

Yorkshire, of course.

Don’t know about you – but we’re off to make a cuppa.

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