Woman who charges family for Christmas dinner is putting up her prices

Woman who charges family for Christmas dinner is putting up her prices
Grandmother charges her family £180 for their Christmas dinner

A British woman who charges her family for Christmas dinner has raised her prices to compete with inflation and the cost of living crisis.

Caroline Duddridge has demanded a fee for the big day since 2016, after her husband died, she told BBC radio.

It covers a generous Christmas Eve spread, through the main event on Christmas Day, and a buffet on Boxing Day.

Duddridge, 63, will ask her three daughters to pay £12 for a seat at the table this year, up from £10 last year.

Even the extra cash might not be enough to cover the rising cost of food this year, said the Cardiff resident.

She said: “I’m not sure it will, because when you buy a few bits and pieces it comes to like £30 or £40 and it’s barely a bag full.

“This is not Christmas stuff either but just general shopping – it’s just horrifying and you wonder where it’s all going to end.”

Her two sons get a tougher deal, with a £15 price tag on the big celebration, while her two grandchildren are expected to cough up £2.50.

Duddrige previously said she charged her sons more because they worked full-time, while her daughters worked part-time while raising their families.

“I have put the girls’ prices up [this year] by £2 because I did get a bit of stick from people saying I was being sexist – not that I listen to public opinion, particularly.

“I also do food for my parents and take it round to them – they find it a bit too much coming to mine now.”

While Duddridge has faced criticism from some people online, other people think it is sensible given how expensive Christmas can be.

“There were the usual trolls, but some people thought it was a really good idea – they even said they were going to adopt it themselves," one wrote.

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