Putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom could improve your sleep, expert claims

Putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom could improve your sleep, expert claims
TikToker shows how to 'correctly' decorate a Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is a festive staple that we decorate and place our presents under each year - but apparently placing one in our bedroom could improve our sleep.

According to sleep expert and owner of Bed Guru, Carl Walsh, adding greenery will make us more relaxed and at one with nature (especially during the stressful run-up to December 25!).

Adding to warming lighting to the tree will also make the bedroom cosier and added some extra comfort for us to doze off.

"Green spaces are known to reduce stress and boost endorphins, making people feel calmer and happier, and for this reason, nature can also help people to fall asleep and it promotes better sleep quality also," Walsh explained.

"Bringing a Christmas tree into the bedroom is also an opportunity to bring some of these benefits of nature into the place where you sleep.

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Most of us will remember having a Christmas tree in our family home from an early age - and having a tree in your bedroom will evoke these memories and calm us down as a result, ready for a kip.

"Christmas trees can evoke feelings of nostalgia and calm as it's a key memory from childhood. Although Christmas can be a stressful time of year, taking part in festive activities transports people back to their younger years when they had no responsibilities," Walsh added.

"With a Christmas tree in the bedroom, as you're settling down for a good night's sleep you'll have your tree as a nostalgic reminder to try not to stress and enjoy the magic of Christmas.

"Our brains collect information from our surroundings, translating it into chemical signals, and releasing different hormones in response. In this instance, melatonin and cortisol as they're the hormones that control your sleep cycle.

Colour is also another aspect that Walsh mentions, noting the benefits of having a green tree along with some warming lighting that can be battery-powered instead of using electricity.

"The colour green, especially softer shades of green, is a non-stimulating colour which is good for relaxation and promoting good quality sleep - hence why a tree is a great idea.

"Also warm lighting is ideal as exposure to whitish-blue light suppresses the production of melatonin - the hormone that puts your body into a sleepy state."

"Leaving your warm tree lights to twinkle in the bedroom while you're getting ready for bed will not only make you feel extremely Christmassy and cosy, but will also have no negative effect on your body's production of melatonin."

So, people can get a better quality of sleep with this festive addition to their bedroom.

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