The 8 healthiest ways to let out your anger - if you’re feeling really stressed and burnt out

The 8 healthiest ways to let out your anger - if you’re feeling really stressed and burnt out
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Sometimes, we are met with situations that cause us to feel angry to the point we may want to erupt like a volcano or curse someone out.

Despite how we may feel, there are better ways to cope when upset.

A Reddit post from u/Lornadoh, which asked, “What are some productive ways to let your anger out?’ prompted Redditors to unveil some productive tips and tricks to feeling better.

Read on to discover some tried and true and clever ways you can manage adverse feelings.

1) Go for a swim, lift weights, and practice other forms of exercise!

There’s nothing like clear waters to help you feel relaxed. Science suggests that hearing, seeing, or swimming causes our brain to produce neurochemicals that increase blood flow to the brain and heart.

“I could start a workout pissed/stressed/whatever and by the time I was done with a few miles, literally everything else in my life that was bothering me was quite literally washed away,” wrote u/LakeStLouis, in part.

Whether you choose to lift weights or take on yoga for meditation and mindfulness overall, try it out and see what works best for you.

“For me, nothing beats exercise. I like to lift weights. It completely takes the edge off. Heavy bag work is good for cardio and anger abatement. Yoga is great for both exercise and meditation,” wrote u/JackFunk.

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2)Eat a healthier diet.

Consuming complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, and rolled oats, can increase our brains’ “feel-good” serotonin levels.

Proteins such as fish, tofu, and chicken, to name a few, help us produce higher levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are chemicals in the brain that play a role in your mood, motivation, and concentration.

I found that some foods messed with my stomach. This, in turn, messed with my head, which brought out the anger. Over time I have eliminated various foods from my diet, and it has really helped,” u/JackFunk also wrote.

3) Write your feelings down.

Whether it’s quick sentences or journal entries, writing down how your feeling is a great way to release negative emotions.

“Whenever I can’t exercise or burn out the feelings, I write. Pour your heart out... and if you’re worried that someone else may read it later, you can burn it to release the energy,” wrote u/ChoiceFabulous.

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4) Cleaning your space.

A cluttered area can sometimes cause confusion and anger.

“Yup. Waking up the day after a good angry clean in your fresh bedsheets, out of the dryer PJs, fragrant room rocks,” wrote u/ACaffeinatedWandress.

So to alleviate the feeling, do some laundry, reorganize your closet, so it’s colour-coded, or fold some clothes, to feel more at ease.

5) Pretend there’s a camera around and be mindful of what you say.

If we are extremely upset, sometimes we may say things we don’t mean. Keeping this in mind, pretend there’s a camera videotaping you so you’ll be more mindful of your actions.

“If you have trouble not getting angry when discussing something or trying to work through a problem with someone, always imagine the conversation is being videotaped. If you keep that in the back of your brain, you will always think about what you say, and it could help unplug your mind a bit from the anger. But being able to communicate your angry with someone without being overly angry is a big part of that puzzle,” wrote u/therealtidbits.

6) Take a second to breathe.

Taking deep long breaths can reduce stress hormones. According to Mayo Clinic, Breathing exercises are helpful because when we feel angry, our brain gives signals to our body that it’s in crisis. Slowing down in breathing reminds our brains that we are safe.

7) Throw some marshmallows in the air.

An interesting scene, to say the least, but at least it’s nothing hard and can still be eaten if you follow the five-second rule.

For lower-stamina folks, throwing marshmallows is surprisingly therapeutic. Especially the campfire big kind. They have just enough weight to hit the floor with a satisfying thud, but they don’t bounce or break, and there’s no secondary damage. You could do it inside or outside,” wrote u/Venting2theDucks.

8) Try Talk Therapy

If you have anger, talking through the feelings with a therapist who can help you come up with the best ways to combat the feeling. Platforms such as BetterHelp or TalkSpace are places to start.

“If you have pent-up anger, a trained therapist can help you talk through it and process it. And if the situation calls for it, come up with a plan to deal with the situation. I think therapy could be a good long-term solution,” wrote u/gninnep.

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