Woman praised for biting reply to date after he asked her to split the bill – by text

Woman praised for biting reply to date after he asked her to split the bill – by text

The man U-turned on his generosity following the dinner date


The question of who should pick up the tab at the end of a date has divided people since time immemorial (or, at least since women were actually allowed to earn money).

Most agree that splitting or paying for one’s own share is the fairest course of action, however, others romanticise the more archaic idea of the man covering the lot.

But, regardless of your view, once the bill is settled, most of us just move on.

Yet, this wasn’t the case for one would-be Cassanova who paid for dinner with a woman, then swiftly tried to backtrack on his own generosity.

The man, named only as Jason, texted his date the morning after their meal and asked her to reimburse him.

According to a screenshot of their message exchange, shared to Reddit, Jason wrote: “Good morning. I had a great time last night! After thinking it over... I think I will take you up on splitting the dinner.

"I'm going to the game today and didn't realise I spent so much last night lol. Can you Venmo me $50?"


The unnamed woman explained in a caption to the grab that she had offered to “pay for herself on the date”, which would have amounted to $25 (around £20).

However, she added: “He drank so much the tab was over 100 bucks (around £82).”

Happily, she stuck to her guns and refused to submit to his shameless request.

"Good morning,” she replied. “That offer expired after we left the restaurant.

“Have fun at the game."


Her post racked up more than 75,600 upvotes and 2,900 comments in one day of it being shared to the ‘mildlyinfuriating’ subreddit.

“People that want to split the bill when they got multiple appetizers, a fancy alcoholic drink and a steak when I got chicken tenders are on some wild s**t,” one fellow Redditor wrote.

“I imagine he didn’t want to take her up on the offer at the restaurant because it would hurt his fragile ego. It would make him look bad. So he decided to ask for money when no one was around… disgusting,” said another.

“You’ve heard of girl math, you’ve heard of guy math, you’ve even heard of dog math but let us now present… jason math!” joked a third.

“Honestly the balls to change up the ratio after its been paid at all, let alone the next day,” fumed a fourth.

In an update shared a few hours later, the woman said she’d received a text from a “random number” after blocking Jason.

It read: “Aye take that s**t off reddit.”

After asking who the mystery messenger was, he replied: “B***h you know who this is!”

She then wrote back: “I'm not taking it down. Do better next time and you wouldn’t (sic) get called out for your trash behavior.

“Don’t text me again.”

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