Dating etiquette varies from person to person and can often become incredibly awkward – especially when it comes to paying the bill.

But, what would you do if your date ordered a mammoth meal versus your one side salad – then suggested to split the bill down the middle? The exact scenario happened to one woman on TikTok.

Marina (@marina_in_dubai) took to the platform to share a dating encounter she disapproved of. In the clip, which racked up nearly 100,000 views, she explained: “He is ordering himself a steak, a salad, a side dish, an appetiser, a few glasses of red wine and so on.

“I just got myself like one small salad and one cocktail.”

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When the bill arrived, she offered to contribute out of common courtesy – to which he agreed 50/50, equal split.

“No. Are you serious? Are you serious!?’” Marina fumed in the viral TikTok.

“No way. I am not gonna pay 50/50 for one small salad and a cocktail.”


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Hundreds of fellow opinionated TikTokers turned to the video with their own input on the encounter.

One joked, “Well, he should pay fifty-fifty for your makeup, nails and hair because if you didn’t do all that, he wouldn’t have liked it.”

Another candidly commented, “I’m not paying anything. Period. It’s a date. Let that man be a man and not a friend.”

One shared a similar brutal encounter. “This happened to me,” they said. “I said I forgot my wallet and blocked him when I left.

“I thought 50/50 meant you pay for yours, and he pays for his”, another added, to which they were corrected that it meant “split the bill in half.”

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