If you want to enhance your breasts without the use of augmentation, birth control, or hormonal therapy, you might be in luck.

And it begins with a popular “boob whisperer” on Reddit.

BoobGrowth, the Canadian boob guru in question, has frequently provided advice on three major subreddits for all things boob-growth: r/ProgressiveGrowth, r/BreastExpansion and r/NBE (which stands for Natural Breast Enhancement).

Although he’s “retired” from advising on the key to ample assets, BoobGrowth is the moderator for NBE.

He ran a Tumblr, also called BoobGrowth, which had 60,000 followers before adult content was barred from the platform.

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“During that time, I directly helped a couple dozen women, but indirectly, possibly hundreds more,” he told Magdalene Taylor of Mel Magazine.

“In fact, I met two of my later, long-distance/online girlfriends through that blog.

He also claimed that he helped one woman increase her size from a “C cup to DD” and another from a “G to an HH.”

BoobGrowth’s emergence into breast enlargement started off as a fetish because one of his first girlfriends went away and came back with “bigger boobs”.

Not too long after, he began looking at r/BreastExpansion and r/ProgressiveGrowth, as well as a separate thread on the topic called Breast Nexus. 

The subreddits mainly focused on before-and-after photos of women with larger breasts, while Breast Nexus shared insight on how to increase breast size through massage, herbal supplements and hypnotherapy.

“It made intuitive sense to me — our bodies are very much the product of our genetics, but also of our diet, physical fitness, hormone levels and so on. And so, I spent hundreds of hours learning as much as I could about NBE to figure out what works,” he said.

Following the success of his Tumblr, he became the moderator of r/NBE.

Despite some safe and “somewhat risky and harder to acquire, but possibly very potent” breast enlargement methods, BoobGrowth has one universal, safe, and erotic recommendation: breast massages.

He suggests that someone who tries the method stays consistent, performing the massage for 10 to 15 minutes a day twice with an oil that’s safe for the skin.

Flaxseed oil, which contains a plant-based oestrogen, is ideal for this process, but BoobGrowth also cosigns shea butter, aloe vera and coconut.

One massage session won’t cause immediate results. However, BoobGrowth is convinced that regular massages and the temporary swelling it causes will lead to real growth. He even claimed that most women can grow a full cup size in one month.

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