‘Rust-out’ is the biggest workplace trend of 2023 - are you feeling it?

‘Rust-out’ is the biggest workplace trend of 2023 - are you feeling it?
Today Explained: Quiet Quitting

You've probably heard of quiet quitting and other viral workplace trends, but have you heard of rust-out?

The term explains a feeling between boredom and burnout and it is when you're fed up about how you’re being treated within your job, rather than the role itself.

Teena Clouston, author of Challenging Stress, Burnout and Rust-Out, told Cosmopolitan: “Rust-out is a lot deeper and more profound than boredom.

“It’s where people don’t feel they’re don’t anything purposeful or being recognised.

“They often feel blocked – as if there’s nowhere for them to progress to, and it can be a much harder issue to address than burnout.”

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Clouston explained: “The mental impact of rust-out can be quite dark. You can feel depressed – like you’re stuck in the mud, unable to move.”

She claimed this then had a domino effect on the rest of our everyday lives outside of work, too.

“As a general rule, once someone starts to rust out, the quality of work goes downhill, as the employee loses interest, finding the job unfulfilling,” Clouston said.

To get out of this slump ,Clouson advised speaking to your manager to see if you can make the job more enjoyable.

“This can help you review what you want in the workplace and help you find that opportunity for change,” she explained.

Clouston advised remembering other hobbies and interests outside of work. If you are still dissatisfied? Time to quit!

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