A second Shrek rave is coming to New York next month

A second Shrek rave is coming to New York next month
Mike Myers would be 'thrilled' to make one Shrek movie a year

Good news for Shrek fans, a second iteration of a popular Shrek-themed rave is coming back to New York City in September.

Earlier in July, the Brooklyn Monarch in East Williamsburg hosted a rave celebrating the 2001 cult classic film. Lovers of the film, both ironically and not, flocked in their best bright-green outfits to live their early 2000s nostalgia dream.

Shrek Rave, created on by Los Angeles-based artist Jordan Craig (known as Ka5sh), originated in LA but became so popular online people requested the rave go on tour.

Now Shrek Rave is hitting major cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

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And, after popular request another New York City show is back, this time at Webster Hall on September 23rd.

"Shrek Rave 2. It's dumb just come have fun!" The poster for the rave says. Other sayings like "Who Cares!" and "Cool is Dead!" also appear on the bright green graphic.

Like any good Shrek themed rave, the music consists of the smash hits featured on the soundtrack. Like Smash Mouth's All Star and I'm a Believer. Or Fairy Godmother's rendition of Holding Out for a Hero from Shrek 2.

And of course, people are encouraged to wear their most Shrek outfits, whether it's a bright green shirt or a Lord Farquaad wig.

The 2001 film, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, went from being a children's favorite to an iconic staple of Millennial and Gen Z online culture.

Jam packed with jokes and pop culture references, Shrek is a perfect example of a film that anyone of any age can watch, understand, and laugh at. Because of this, the movie has aged gracefully alongside its sequel Shrek 2.

So it's no surprise young people want to party while paying homage to their favorite childhood movie that has somehow still remained relevant 21 years later.

"This will be the biggest, most important night of my life," an Instagram commenter wrote.

Who can blame them?

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