It turns out we've all been washing our hair wrong this whole time

It turns out we've all been washing our hair wrong this whole time
Father gives his son fresh haircut only using a spoon

Hair maintenance is important to keep our strands shiny as well as nice and clean, but constant washing could actually cause damage to our locks.

While it might feel better to wash your hair everyday, a hair expert has cautioned against doing this as our hair doesn't need this all the time.

Even the temperature of the water can affect the quality of hair, since if the water is too hot it can caused the roots to become weaker as well as a dry and itchy scalp - not ideal...

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Sam Cinkir, CEO of skin and hair specialists Este Medical Group explained how shampooing and conditioning hair everyday can lead to breakage.

"The importance of personal grooming and being ‘clean’ is instilled in us from an early age, but there is such a thing as overkill," she told Daily Star, acknowledging the societal emphasis on cleanliness.

"Washing your hair too often can lead to a whole range of problems, from tangles, split ends and breakages to a dry and itchy scalp, especially if done with harsh shampoos.

Cinkir then detailed how too much washing can remove the hair's natural oils.

"Our hair produces a natural oil called sebum, which helps protect from moisture loss, but shampooing too often strips this away and leaves our locks vulnerable to damage."

So, the question is... how often should we wash our hair?

Well, the answer is different according what kind of hair you have.

"How often you should wash depends on your hair type," Cinkir said. "But generally speaking once or twice a week with lukewarm rather than hot water is the sweet spot."

Though she added that those with since finer hair for example have more natural oils and so can wash theirs up to three times per week.

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