Where to buy Barbenheimer t-shirts

Where to buy Barbenheimer t-shirts
Ted Cruz Blasts Upcoming ‘Barbie’ Movie Over Inclusion of ‘Chinese Communist Propaganda’

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are to be released in cinemas on the same day, 21 July - with cinema fans excited to attend the double feature.

When it was announced that both films were coming out on the same day, this information thoroughly entertained the internet given how they are opposite to one another.

Barbie with its pink aesthetic, with musical and comedic moments, compared to the seriousness and black aesthetic of Oppenheimer as it's all about the development of the atomic bomb.

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As a result, the mash-up term "Barbenheimer" was coined as people posted various memes about the two films, and now there is even fan-made merch available.

Margot Robbie herself has commented on the craze, telling Grazia at the Barbie London premiere: "I saw an amazing mock-up of a Barbenheimer poster today online and I want to get it made into a t-shirt and maybe somehow get Cillian Murphy to sign that t-shirt."

Here are some TikToks and tweets of our favourite designs:

While people have been sharing their excitement at buying Barbenheimer t-shirts, others couldn't help but notice advertisement bots on Twitter and expressed their annoyance at them popping up under tweets.

Where can I buy a Barbenheimer t-shirt?

There are various design styles on Redbubble - an online marketplace for print t-shirts where users can submit their artwork and get it printed according to demand.

Meanwhile, other designers often put their products up on Etsy, as well as on Printerval where the ‘Limited Barbenheimer Vintage T-Shirt’ is available to purchase.

There are plenty of different options, so you're ready for Barbenheimer day on July 21.

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