Woman causes debate as she brands boyfriend 'gross' for showering once every three days

Woman causes debate as she brands boyfriend 'gross' for showering once every three days
How often should you REALLY be showering?

Each of us have own routine when it comes to showering, but one woman has sparked a debate after expressing an issue she's having with her boyfriend on the subject.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum," the 27-year-old woman noted how her 31-year-old long distance boyfriend recently visited her and stayed in her house for the first time. She described it as an "eye-opening experience to say the least" as their differing views emerged.

"Anyway, I'm someone who showers daily. I have oily skin and scalp and not showering is not an option (and no, showering less often will not suddenly make my naturally oily skin less oily. It only works with those with normal skin and scalp)," she explained in the post.

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However, her boyfriend's showing routine is more sporadic - much to the woman's disgust.

"Anyway, he showers every three days which I find absolutely gross but I haven't said anything. On the other hand, John has been very vocal saying that showering daily is a waste of time and money and bad for the environment."

She continued: "He's been trying to convince me to shower every other day. I've tried to explain to him that based on my experience, showering less is not an option for me, especially since I also bike to work every day.

"He's still not budging, he told me I could do a bird bath and leave the big shower for every other day."

A couple are divided when it comes to how frequent they shower. iStockphoto by Getty Images

On the matter of personal hygiene, the woman refuses to budge on this issue.

"I still refused. He called me an a**hole for not even considering his opinion and is now sulking in my garden."

"I do feel bad but I know my body and myself," the woman said, and noted how it has annoyed her boyfriend.

"I tried to explain again but he told me I’m unreasonable and an a**hole for not even trying and not caring about the environment and not making an effort."

At the end of the post, she concluded: "He’s taking it really seriously and I wonder if I may be an a**hole. He’s only here for a short while. Am I the a**hole?"

Since sharing her shower-based problems, a number of people have gave their opinion on the situation and concluded overall that she is not the a**hole.

One person wrote: "NTA. He is a massive a**hole. I realize reddit tends to default to 'break up' - but I think it's appropriate here. The fact he is trying to control you, and "sulking" over it - is just f****** insane.

"NTA, and no guest should be lecturing you about personal hygiene in your own home. I wouldn't have even tried to justify/explain my choices to him," another person said.

Someone else added: "Jesus NTA. But take this as the red flag it is please. He is a guest in your home and you pay the water bill. He has no right to tell you what to do."

"NTA - You’re allowed to follow your own hygiene practices. It’s weird that this is even a question? But if his hygiene grosses you out, you should cut this off now because it likely won’t change," a fourth person commented.

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