When a woman found a tampon and mascara in her partner’s room, she decided to investigate.

TikTok user Lois (@loissa4) revealed that she emailed tampon company Tampax with the code on the wrapper to check it was manufactured before she and her boyfriend were an item.

If it was made after they got together, eyebrows would be raised.

In her email to Tampax, she explained that she found the tampon in her boyfriend’s room and was launching an investigation.

Tampax replied and told her the tampon she found was manufactured on December 11, 2019 - before she and her partner were together.


#tampax had my back 👯

Since uploading the clip, it has received over 4.4 million views, 454,000 likes, and over 5,000 comments.

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In a follow-up video, she said it was her first time at her partner’s house. When she leant back off the bed, she spotted the yellow wrapper under the wardrobe.

When she asked him where it came from, he was flummoxed and said he never had a girl stay with him in that room.

Taking matters into her own hands, she drafted the email to Tampax.


Reply to @way2fiesty4u1 STORY TIME P1 #storytime

Explaining further in another follow-up clip, she said they weren’t officially together when she found the tampon. They had been speaking for a few months, but she wanted to make sure everything checked out before committing.

He said girls lived there before him as it was a student house, and although he had lived there for a while he had never swept under the wardrobe.

She said they are still together and she believes it wasn’t anything to do with him.


Reply to @jwhittle5 Clearing fins name #storytime

Commenting on the original video, Tampax US responded: “International super spy”.

One viewer wrote: “If he has no sister and it’s not yours and you were dating him prior to Dec 2019 then yeah homeboy is guilty.”

“Tampax customer service deserves a 10/10”, another viewer said.

Another joked: “DNA fibres from the mascara is the only possible next step.”

One TikToker questioned if it was made in 2019, how long does it take for tampons to end up on store shelves?

Responding, another viewer said it could have been in the store room of a shop, then potentially at the bottom of a handbag. Other viewers who work in shops responded to say tampons are restocked quickly as they are a popular item, so it likely was a while ago that another girl was in the room.

If you ever need to do some FBI work yourself, Tampax explained how to date the production codes on their products. Giving the example of 8124 as the last four digits of a code in their response to Lois, 8 would indicate it was made in 2018, and 124 stands for May 4th as the 124th day of the year.

Surprisingly this is just one of the more novel ways we’ve seen women investigate their partners.

Another woman watched a series of Instagram stories in slow-motion to try and spy her partner in the background of a restaurant, while another found her fiancé’s secret by checking her blocked list on Instagram.

If the FBI isn’t already scouting talent on TikTok, they should start.

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