People are learning why women apparently shouldn't wear red to western weddings

People are learning why women apparently shouldn't wear red to western weddings
People are shocked to learn why you should never wear red to …

Weddings are fun events to dress up for, but there are some unwritten rules in terms of what colours can be worn.

For example, avoiding wearing white so not to upstage the bride - but apparently there is also another colour which guest should avoid sporting...

The colour red isconsidered to be lucky, as well as represent happiness and prosperity in South Asian and East Asian cultures and so is traditionally incorporated into the wedding, similar to how white is the main colour in western weddings, according to Brides.

But in the case of western weddings, some have said they would avoid wearing red as a guest.

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In a clip from the Unfiltered Bride podcast, UK-based wedding planners Georgie Mitchell and Bethany Smith shared the reason as to why.

It seems that wearing red to a wedding means that "you've slept with the groom," to which a shocked Smith exclaimed: "What?!"

"Old wives tale," Mitchell explained, but added that she "wouldn't rule out red as a colour," and that it "depends on the dress."

“I feel like red can seen as like quite sexy,” Smith said. "Naughty."

“A bit ‘look at me'," Mitchell agreed.


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Since discussing the old wives tale, the clip has received 1.2m views, 104,000 likes and plenty of comments from people who weighed into the discussion with their thoughts.

One person said: "I always thought you shouldn’t wear red because it’s so flashy."

"Indian brides traditionally wear red," another person noted.

Someone else added: "Black no as its for funerals (unless specified) & red is because the eyes are naturally drawn to it so it takes attention & eyes away from the bride."

"Omg lol I wore red to my brother’s wedding. I have never heard this before!" a fourth person commented.

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