107-year-old woman gets parking ticket because she couldn't walk fast enough

Greg Evans
Saturday 11 November 2017 10:15
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A 107-year-old woman has received a parking ticket as she was too slow to return to her car.

Bessie Farnworth is one of the oldest women in Britain and had popped out for a spot of lunch with her great nephew Dave.

They travelled to their local Aldi supermarket in Tyldesley, Wigan and placed Bessie's blue parking badge clearly on display.

However, when they returned to their vehicle they were deemed to be 13 minutes late of the three hours which is allowed for the badge holders.

This was mostly down to Bessie's mobility, as she requires the use of a zimmer frame. Two weeks later Dave was slapped with a fine for £70 for failing to return on time.

As you can guess Dave was not impressed. He is quoted by Wigan Today as saying:

I think at her age the fact that she can even get out in public and have her lunch is remarkable.

She should be able to park there as long as she wants. I think it’s disgusting we’ve got this fine.

They wanted to see a photo of her disabled badge. She’s not even disabled but she’s entitled to the badge because of her age.

I have tried to appeal it but no one has had the decency to get back to me.

I have told them that she is one of the oldest people in Britain I would like them to just get in touch out of respect.

Just when you thought you had lost all faith in the world, it appears common sense has prevailed.

Bessie contacted the car park operators, Parking Eye, and explained what had happened.

"As a gesture of good will" the firm have now cancelled the fine and apologised, report The Metro.

Bessie, who was born before the Titanic was built, and has received four birthday cards from The Queen now lives in a retirement home in Tyldesley.

She moved there last year and her weekly lunch dates with Dave have taken place ever since then.

Her 74-year-old son, Wilf adds:

Her youngest great-grandson, Peter, is 100 years younger than her which is amazing really.

My mum is very well-liked at the care home her because she is always having a good laugh with the staff.

She still keeps herself active.

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