2016 wasn't all bad and here are 12 stories to prove it

2016 wasn't all bad and here are 12 stories to prove it

While 2016 has been tumultuous to say the least, there are plenty of highlights and feel good things to look back on as we enter 2017.

Lets have a positive recap, because you're unlikely to see that many other places:

1. The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter

A little spacecraft called Juno became the first ever ship to arrive at Jupiter.

The Nasa creation was launched five years ago and reached its destination in orbit around the planet on 4 July.

Picture:Picture: Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Getty Images

2. Team GB won big at Rio

Team GB confirmed their greatest Olympics performance after finishing second above China.

Britain surged past the 65 medal count achieved at London 2012, with a total of 67.

Picture:Picture: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

3. Ice bucket breakthrough

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which encouraged people to dunk a bucket of iced water over their heads, helped fund a breakthrough study by the ALS Associate’s campaign.

Picture:Picture: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

4. Diplocats of Downing Street

While their owners tried to tackle corporate greed this year, fat cats remain at Westminister.

This year marked the new arrival of Gladstone the cat, who will play a purrfect role in the HM Treasury.

5. Tigers in the wild make a come back

The number of tigers in the wild rose for the first time in 100 years.

There are now thought to be almost 3.900 tigers in the wild.

Picture:Picture: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

6. India plants 50 million trees in a day

India smashes the world record previously set at 847,275 trees by Pakistan in 2013, by planting 50 million in a single day.

The effort is part of a commitment India made with the Paris Climate Conference.

7. London elects first Muslim Major

Sadiq Khan became London’s first Muslim Major this year, winning against Conservative runner, Zac Goldsmith.

The victory was a sign of the capital's tolerance against racism and over the likes of the BNP.

Picture:Picture: YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images

8. The birth of Pokémon Go

This year marked the year of Pokémon Go, breaking the App store record as the most downloaded app in a week.

A fun interactive game, it has also been found to help players tackle anxiety and depression.

Picture:Picture: ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images

9. Tim Peake returns to Earth

The first person from the UK to serve abroad the International Space Station,Tim Peake returned Earth.

While orbiting the Earth for six month, Peake took spellbinding pictures.

Picture:Picture: SHAMIL ZHUMATOV/AFP/Getty Images

10. Fabric reopens

London nightclub Fabric is to reopen after its controversial closure this year.

This turn in events marks a huge success for the #savefabric campaign and shines hope for the capital’s night scene.

Picture:Picture: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

11. Penguins get their own tube

A town in New Zealand, Oamuru, has created the first penguin underpass to help the world’s smallest penguins travel from inland to the sea.

12. The moon was super

This year marked the appearance of a rare supermoon.

The moon orbited closer to the earth than it had done for 70 years appearing at its biggest and brightest since January 1948.

Picture:Picture: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP/Getty Images

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