12 times the rest of the world hilariously roasted Britain

Being British isn't easy.

We don't really need to go into our politics or the state of our economy because that is a whole other story.

No, one of the worst things about being British is that our traditions and culture are so unique that they baffle most other nations.

Everything from our food to our choice of words is a source of confusion for a lot of people online.

You only have to visit social media and search for "British people" and you'll find hundreds of accounts questioning everything we do.

So, without further delay, here are 12 examples of British people and their culture getting truly roasted online.

By Jove!

1. Our way of speaking.

2. Including the way we pronounce the letter 'h'.

3. Being polite.

4. Hating our biscuits.

5. People really don't understand why beans on toast is the best meal ever.

6. Using the term 'hundreds and thousands' instead of 'sprinkles'.

7. The way we react to snow.

8. Going on holiday.

9. Mr Blobby.

10. Our, frankly awful, teeth.

11. Arse

12. Putting fruit in cake, apparently that's a big no. Even though it's delicious. Go figure.

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