Can you tell what's wrong with this flag? Most people can't


The Union Jack is one of the most iconic symbols of British culture.

However, it turns out the majority of British people can’t tell when it’s upside down.

Take a look at these two images. Can you tell which on is the right way up?


Picture: Public Domain Pictures

or B?

Picture: Pixabay

Worked it out yet?

It is B, the second one, that is flying correctly.

And if you got that wrong, you are not alone. A YouGov poll found that only 45 per cent of people could identify which was the right way up. 33 per cent of people got it wrong, and 22 per cent said they didn't know.

Picture: YouGov

If you are still working out how to tell if it's the right way up, this is YouGov's explanation:

When the flag is being flown correctly the fat white bar in the top corner closest to the flagpole should be along the top edge of the flag, not the flagpole edge.

This is the bit you are looking for:

Picture: Wikipedia / Edited by Indy100

.YouGov also say that Union Jack and Union Flag are both correct names for the flag. So that's your pub quiz answer sorted.

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