9 subtle signs you're smarter than average

Greg Evans
Tuesday 10 October 2017 10:00
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You might not be aware of them, but there are subtle signs you may give off which indicate you are actually very smart.

These aren't things like being able to recite Sartre or understand quantum physics.

An IQ test isn't even necessary to prove you're above average intelligence, either.

Research and science have managed to identify nine things, that you probably took for granted, that demonstrate a high IQ.

1. Being the oldest sibling

This one won't apply to everyone but it is very good news if you are the oldest of your parents offspring.

Eldest siblings have shown greater responsibility and leadership qualities and this could be due to how they were treated in the womb.

A study from The Journal of Human Resources found that mothers are more careful during their first pregnancy and the child's formative years.

The same qualities are not uncommon in younger siblings but they prove to be more prevalent in the eldest, which could be down to how they were initially raised.

2. Owning a cat

It's hard not to love cats, with their quite little paws and whiskers. If you do have a soft spot for felines, then it's very good news for your IQ.

A 2004 study at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin found that of 600 students, those that liked cats, mostly had better grades than those that didn't.

That could just be a very big coincidence so rest assured that it's not all bad news for dog or pet lovers in general.

History has shown that some of the world's greatest minds (Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Mark Zuckerberg, Taylor Swift!) all own pets, so it's win, win for animal lovers all over.

3. Being breastfed

There is still some debate about breastfeeding in some contexts, but it is actually very good for a baby.

A survey from Science Daily found beneficial results for infants who had breast milk, compared to those that didn't.

Of the 3000 children studied, those that were breastfed had an IQ seven points higher on average than those that went without.

4. Height

Being tall is ideal if you want to be a basketball player or the ability to ride rollercoasters - but it's also good for your brain.

Data from the US and UK has found that taller kids are more intelligent.

The research from Princeton, found that people who work in a managerial and professional occupation are six-tenths taller than those in manual roles.

5. Reading at a young age

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Reading is of course get for anyone's intelligence but reading from infancy is even better.

Learning to read from an early age, helps expand your knowledge and your vocabulary and generally get a step-up ahead of time.

Furthermore, if you were one of the first kids in your class to start reading then you probably have a great aptitude for learning and education.

6. You stress about things

In the modern day and age there are almost too many things to get stressed about.

Whilst you might perceive that as a bad thing (sure, nobody likes getting stressed) but it's actually a strong sign of intelligence.

If you know a lot about different things it shows that you are engaged and interested in a variety of subjects.

7. You are a comedian

We don't mean a comedian as an occupation but by natural charisma and possessing a good sense of humour.

Whether's it's cracking jokes or being able to write in an amusing manner, people who are funnier are mostly more intelligent.

This is thanks to research from the University of New Mexico, where students were asked to write a funny caption for a cartoon.

Those that came up with the wittiest and most humourous captions, were found to have the best grades.

8. You are nocturnal

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Being a night owl isn't always the most sociable of habits but it could be a strong sign of intelligence.

Psychology Today have found that kids who were more active at night performed better at tests

Their research found that people who had a childhood IQ of over 125 go to bed around 00:29, even on weeknights.

So, kids, next time your parents tell you to go to bed before 10 pm, point them towards this fact.

9. You are an introvert

Being introverted is quite difficult, especially in social scenarios but it could be because you are quite bright.

Introverts have a better eye for detail, make better decisions and are nonconforming.

Being able to entertain and occupy yourself is a strong sign of brain power, so embrace it.

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