This Canadian family wants to know why their six-year-old is on a 'no-fly' list

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Tuesday 05 January 2016 11:30

The Ahmed family from Toronto are questioning why their six-year-old son was flagged with a 'deemed high profile' label when they tried to board a flight to Boston on New Year's Eve.

Syed Adam Ahmed and his parents were on their way to Boston to see the Montreal Canadiens play in the NHL Winter Classic game on New Year's Day when they were stopped and questioned.

Syed's father Sulemaan tweeted at Air Canada with a picture of the check in terminal that shows his son's name with a 'deemed high profile' (DHP) tag and instructions on how to proceed before allowing the little boy to board the flight.

His mother Khadija Cajee told Global News that her son has been flagged as high risk several times in the past.

It's like he's being carded for being a certain religion or race or name or whatever. And this will follow him the rest of his life unless we do something now.

Since the Ahmed family's story hit the headlines, several other Canadian families have been in touch to say they've had similar experiences.

Toronto's Pearson International Airport, the airline and the family's MP have all promised to investigate why the little boy continues to crop up as a 'high profile' passenger.

A spokesman for the Canadian government said the case was a "cause for concern" and that they would be looking into the matter.

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