A CNN reporter and young refugee shared a very sweet moment on camera

In the midst of the darkness that engulfed Europe this week, a small moment of humanity was captured on camera and witnessed by millions of people.

On Sunday, CNN correspondent Arwa Damon was reporting from Greece over fears one of the Isis attackers in Paris may have entered Europe on a Syrian passport.

She was mid-sentence when a little boy approached her during the live broadcast to say hello.

Damon didn't miss a beat, greeting the child in Arabic and asking him where he was going while glancing at the camera to say sorry in English as she continued her conversation with him.

"He's going to Sweden with his family," Damon told the audience, before calling the little boy sweetheart and asking if he minded moving out of the way of the camera to rejoin his family.

Damon has been applauded for the caring manner in which she handled the interruption.

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