Among the many ludicrous things Donald Trump said this week, one was that there are areas of London and Paris that the police are too afraid to go into.

The Donald's theory goes that some neighbourhoods in two of Western Europe's biggest cities are so over-run by "Muslim radicals" and "sharia patrols" that highly-funded crime-fighting agencies just won't go there.

His argument has been followed up online, with some of his advocates referencing similar quotes from the likes of Nigel Farage as evidence for his claims...

On one Reddit thread, a man who called Trump out was then challenged to walk through one of these no-go areas clutching a bottle of red wine (no, we're not quite sure either).

I dare you to go to Woolwich, Birmingham, Bradford and Dewsbury holding a bottle of wine and see how quickly your ignorant and protected bubble will burst. You don't have to drink the wine, just hold it when you go to those place [sic]. I dare you.

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