A simple DNA test made people think very differently about immigrants


By providing just a little saliva, 67 people were shocked to find out what nationalities contributed to make their DNA.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric by Donald Trump and other Republicans during the 2016 election cycle has brought the issue of 'nationality' once again to the fore.

Swastikas have been daubed on shop fronts, and the candidate preferred by the newspaper of the Klu Klux Klan is set to become president.

Those who believe in such a thing as a 'pure nationality' ought to watch this video, made by the 'Let's Open Our World' project.

The project from travel company Momondo, analysed the saliva of 67 people, many of whom had strong views about nationality.



AncestryDNA compiled a DNA profile of all the locations on earth the DNA originated from.

They then shared the results with each of the participants, many of whom were shocked.



The film, which was first released in June, demonstrated that claiming to be a 'pure' form of any nationality or race is ridiculous.

After releasing the video Momondo responded to criticism regarding the use of two actors, and the fact that some of the particpants were found through agencies that supply extras.

Momondo denied that this undercut the value of the experiment, because the participants gave personal answers, the results from AncestryDNA were real, and the film was not scripted.

Anyone who tried to find 'American DNA' would be even more foolish, given the country's sobriquet as a 'nation of immigrants'.

The only people who could claim to possess such 'American DNA' are the Native Americans that have been systematically discriminated against for hundreds of years

One participant suggested the test be made compulsory, in order to better educate everyone about the extent to which humans share the same DNA.

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