This A Star is Born billboard has inspired an amazing LGBT+ meme

There are few groups that love a memeable image more than the LGBT+ community.

Even before the release of A Star is Born, starring LGBT+ icon Lady Gaga, the film received the meme treatment.

One scene from the trailer alone - which saw Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson Maine telling Gaga’s character Ally to pause so he can look at her one more time - launched a thousand memes. As did Gaga’s triumphant arrival at the world premiere in Venice.

Now that millions across the world have seen the film, one particular image has become the next frame to receive the meme treatment.

Following Gaga’s character’s rise to fame, a large billboard is erected in LA. It shows a portrait of her, accompanied by her name: Ally.

The word “ally” doubles in meaning as a common word for a straight person who supports the gay community. If you’re straight, but attend Pride parades, for example, then you could be described as an “LGBT+ ally”.

It didn’t take long for LGBT+ people, to notice this and turn the billboard into a meme, highlighting humorous examples of allyship.

There were also cross-film references, such as gay romances Call Me By Your Name and Moonlight.

Given that Gaga herself is openly bisexual and has always been an outspoken ally to the rest of the LGBT+ community, it's easy to see how she inspired such a hilarious meme.

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