An Afghan interpreter who worked for the United States Special Forces has made a direct appeal to Joe Biden to help save the lives of him and his family.

Speaking live on CNN, an Afghan interpreter going by the name “Abdul” expressed fear about what might happen to him if the Taliban find his location.

In an emotional telephone interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan on 19 August, Abdul said he had been threatened and followed by the Taliban, who have taken over the city of Kabul in Afghanistan. He said he had to run to evade them and feared for his safety.

Abdul explained: “I have a wife and two young kids. We will all be killed if the Taliban find us... once the Americans leave, our lives will be over. Americans will have signed our death sentence.”

He believes that if he is not evacuated from Afghanistan soon, is just a matter of time before he is killed by the Taliban. He made a direct plea to US officials and to the United States president Joe Biden, to help rescue him and his family.

Abdul said: “I’m appealing to the US government, to President Biden, to please save me and my family and the Afghan interpreters who worked for your country. You are leaving us here to die.”

Through tears and with a cracking voice, he continued: “Please I’m begging you. I am begging him, I’m begging America, please help us.”

Abdul told Bolduan he had heard nothing from the United States about getting evacuated from Afghanistan, despite working for the country’s security forces for five years. He also explained he had attempted to reach Kabul airport multiple times.

He said: “I tried many times, but everybody is shooting at us… I need something, you know, to happen soon. I need somebody to take action soon, you know, to get me out of here.”

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