The latest meme for the right-wing appears to be screenshots of Al Jazeera Arabic


Right-wing Twitter users appear to have been sharing screenshots from Al Jazeera Arabic to accuse their readers of 'laughing' at the Westminster attack.

As the news site streamed footage of the aftermath on Facebook Live, users pointed out that some people were reacting with laughing and heart emojis.

This was inevitably taken completely out of context.

Another website even dramatically shared a screenshot and wrote:

Al Jazeera viewers seem to react with joy over London terror attack

It was also shared by an Australian MP:

Except there's one big problem - when you compare the number of 'laughing' and 'heart' reactions on their Facebook Live video to other news sites like the BBC and CNN, there is no difference.

All these news outlets had an average of around 5 per cent of those emojis - just like Al Jazeera Arabic.

As well as that, the locations of these users varied from the UK to Sweden, Kenya and more - and on top of that, there's no way to know what any of their religious beliefs might be.

Al Jazeera themselves explained:

"Fake news" fabricators will jump on any opportunity to peddle their distortions - for commercial or ideological reasons - especially when emotions are running high.

H/T Hussein Kesva

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