Alex Jones calls cops after accusing innocent charity worker of being human trafficker

<p>Alex Jones pictured standing in front of the car and shouting</p>

Alex Jones pictured standing in front of the car and shouting

Banned Video

Alex Jones confronted a Catholic charity worker and accused him of trafficking children in a truly unhinged clip.

The video shows the infamous conspiracy theorist alongside Drew Hernandez and a camera crew as they challenge a man in a South Texas town, as he helps children and a woman understood to be their mother into a van.

Jones and his crew demand to know more about them, including where they’re headed with the children. Unsurprisingly, the driver is not willing to divulge that information to a camera-wielding shouty man.

At one point, Jones even stops the driver from moving his car by standing in front of the vehicle and shouting.

With zero evidence that people-smuggling is taking place right under his nose, he changes strategy and become obsessively concerned about the seatbelt situation.

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“We need the police over here, they have a bunch of kids without a car seat,” he shouted.

Hernandez added: “No car seats. What organization is this? I want to know who the hell this is. What kind of a Catholic organization is this? Jesus stuffs people in the back of a car? You should be ashamed of yourselves, every single one of you.”

A sign on the building shows they’re outside the Catholic Charities organization, which provides humanitarian relief to people seeking to immigrate to the United States.

The group called the video a “contrived misrepresentation of the work of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.”

“The video clip is a staged confrontation interrupting the goodwill of someone providing assistance in the form of transportation for three mothers and their children to the Humanitarian Respite Center.

“Ideally, the children should have been wearing seatbelts; unfortunately, this was not the case in this instance. The Humanitarian Respite Center and Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley are not involved in any human smuggling or trafficking networks.”

When the police showed up, Jones shouted: “If I drove around with three of my kids in the back of the car, I’d get arrested,” Jones screams.

The situation escalated until police arrived

The group eventually exited the video and went inside.

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