Amanda Holden leaves viewers cringing after awkward Eurovision joke

Amanda Holden is facing a backlash after a joke she made while announcing the UK’s Eurovision points left viewers cringing.

During her segment, Holden said: “Good evening, bonsoir, goedenavond.

“That is ‘good evening’ in French and Dutch although I’ve got absolutely no idea which is which.”

While it is clear Holden was poking fun at the stereotype that Brits don’t know any other languages, ting on Twitter, a number of people cringed and found it unhelpful:


Holden’s comments came amid an excruciating performance for the UK, who came last in the competition, scoring a grand total of 0 points for James Newman’s performance of Embers.

Meanwhile, despite Holden not knowing French, France came second in the competition with 499 points, narrowly missing out on the top spot which was awarded to Italy (524 points).

Don’t worry Amanda, hun, it's not like at least 48 per cent of the nation are desperately trying to maintain some semblance of a relationship with the rest of Europe.

It’s not as if Europeans think Britain has descended into a echo chamber of flag waving and jingoism.

Oh it is? Ah, ok.

Perhaps it would be better if we send someone else to read out the votes next time. Anyone else. We’re free?

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