America's biggest climate denier appears to be slowly changing his mind

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Saturday 25 April 2015 18:00

Jim Inhofe, the man known as one of America's most staunch climate deniers, appears to be coming round to the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence.

The Oklahoma senator, who once threw a snowball across the Senate floor in a bid to disprove global warming, wrote an Earth Day op-ed for CNN this week criticising the Obama administration's environmental policy.

In the article, Inhofe implored the US government to look at nuclear energy as the best option to "avoid dangerous climate change".

In fact, as Think Progress points out, Inhofe took that quote from top climate scientist James Hansen - a man he described in 2006 as a "Nasa scientist and alarmist".

Although he's not exactly ditching his sceptical roots to go out and hug trees, Inhofe's comments do appear to be something of a turnaround from a Senate session earlier this year where he used the Bible to try and prove that climate change is not being caused by humans.

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