An Irish TV channel did the best Halloween trick live on air

Roisin O'Connor@Roisin_OConnor
Tuesday 01 November 2016 09:15

An Irish weather channel outdid pretty much every other broadcaster this Halloween after its impressive stunt.

TG4 was airing its regular weather report with broadcaster Caitlín Nic Aoidh when a bolt of lightning appeared to strike out of nowhere - and she disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

There was a spooky silence, then TG4 cut the programme.

After the live broadcast the channel tweeted: "Did you see the weather report tonight?"

After recovering from the initial shock, viewers took to social media - and thankfully most of them realised that it wasn't real. Most of them.

Although one viewer couldn't help but point out it was "still not as scary as the usual weather in Galway".

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