These are the new accusation Andrew Tate is facing

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is facing new accusations

Living with Andrew Tate, BBC Radio 4

A fourth woman has claimed she was sexually and physically assaulted by Andrew Tate, and has joined a civil claim for damages against him.

The woman joins three claimants - who worked as webcam models for Tate's internet sex business - that began to raise money in April to begin a civil court case against Tate. The women have already managed to raise £16,000 from over 600 donations. They hope to raise £50,000 in total.

"Initially, he was very kind and charming and I ended up going him with him," the woman, who met Tate in 2014 while on a night out in Luton, reportedly said. "While having sex, he began to choke me and choked me so hard that I lost consciousness. I thought I was going to die. When I woke up, he was continuing to rape me. it is difficult to say that because it is so upsetting, but that is what it was."

The woman said she decided to come forward after being inspired from "reading the stories about other women who were brave enough to speak out about Tate." She added that, "it is easier to speak out when you realise that you are not alone."

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Lawyer Matt Jury, who is representing all four women making allegations against Tate, said the aim of the lawsuit is to seek "truth and accountability."

The civil case includes claims that relate to coercive control as well as personal injury and psychiatric harm as a result of alleged violent sexual and physical assault.

Tate was placed under house arrest in Romania in April after a court overturned a request by prosecutors for him to be detained. Tate, alongside his brother and two Romanian women, faced charges of rape, people trafficking and organised crime. They have denied all the accusations.

When the civil claim was first announced, Tate's spokesperson said that Tate "vehemently denies these allegations."

indy100 has contacted Tate's reps to comment on this story.

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