In an unprecedented turn of events, Donald Trump temporarily ended the government shutdown after the standoff over border wall funding – and his supporters are furious.

One of those most bitterly disappointed by the president’s decision is former Trump supporter and conservative pundit Ann Coulter.

Speaking on the Real Time with Bill Maher show on Friday she described herself as a “stupid girl” for trusting Trump to deliver on his border wall promise.

Her comments came after she posted a tweet describing Trump as a "wimp" following his shutdown announcement.

In reference to the tweet, host Bill Maher asked Coulter:

Let me get this straight, you were convinced that Donald Trump was the guy, you voted for him – Donald Trump  – and now you're finding out he's a lying conman. 

What was your first clue?

After the audience had finished cheering and laughing, Coulter said:

This is the thing, OK, I’m a very stupid girl, fine.

She added:

But that was actually a selling point with Trump, you can also make fun of me for writing 'In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!'

Look, we’ve been lied to, over and over and over again by politicians, by respectable people, by Mitt Romney and George Bush and Obama and Clinton. We’re going to protect your jobs.

Coulter then addressed the audience, which she admitted “is not wild” about her, and told them that they are “being played” by the "cheap labour pouring into the country".

Many people on Twitter said that Coulter was pointing out the obvious by describing herself as "a very stupid girl"

Others explained why they agreed with her comment - but not for the reasons she might have hoped.

Although a few people did come to Coulter's defence.

Whatever your thoughts on Coulter, we can pretty much guarantee that Trump's opinion on the right wing pundit hasn't changed since he blocked her on Twitter last year. Ouch.

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