Trump supporters are furious about him ending the government shutdown without a border wall deal

In an unprecedented turn of events, Donald Trump backed down in the shutdown debacle and announced that he would be reopening the government.

The president ended the 35 day stand-off with the Democrats and said that a short-term deal had been agreed with congressional leadership to reopen the government for three weeks.

In those 21 days, Trump hopes to reach a deal which would address the amount of illicit substances which are coming in the to US via the border but added that he will initiate a national emergency if an agreement isn't reached.

He also stated that he hopes to pay all the federal workers that went unpaid during this period, which we think we can all agree is the one decent thing to come out of this whole ordeal.

Yet, the border wall was a huge part of Trump's election campaign and he had vowed to deliver it to his supporters, so by stepping down he had effectively conceded defeat on the issue.

This news left many of his fans devastated as the realisation that they had backed the wrong horse soon started to dawn on them.

One of the biggest outcries came from the conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who was unreserved in her criticism of Trump, who she branded 'the biggest wimp to ever serve as president of the United States', while also making references to Jared Kushner and the arrest of Roger Stone.

Her sentiments were echoed by many other US conservatives who felt let down by Trump.

Elsewhere, people have taken this opportunity to mock Trump supporters while congratulating Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats on getting the deal that they wanted, which is something that Trump used to pride himself on.

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