Another glitch in the matrix has been spotted on the Tube

Last week we reported to faithful readers about a sighting of doppelgängers on the Tube, which was a 100%, definite, confirmed, official, legit glitch in the matrix.

We regret to inform you, dear reader, that it has happened again.

The twins were spotted on Thursday on the London Underground, both reading the Evening Standard and wearing matching outfits, by journalist Sophia Sleigh, who tweeted:

Did a double take on the tube tonight. Matching shoes, Disney bags and newspapers! Love it

In fact, the Standard reports that the twins were seen before on the Tube, sat next to each other holding Marks & Spencer shopping bags on the Jubilee line in May.

If we weren't so perceptive we'd say this was some sort of marketing stunt, or a coordinated oddity by two relatives who like to unnerve commuters.

But no, we're smarter than that.

We see it for how it really is.

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