Whether the UK should directly intervene in the conflict in Syria is dominating Westminster at the moment, following attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad claimed by Isis.

Surveys by the Pew Research Centre in April and May gauged sentiment towards Isis in certain countries with large Muslim populations.

As we have reported before, none of the countries had more than 15 per cent of the population in favour of Isis.

Pew has also broken down the figures into subsets from these countries, finding that the majority of all countries surveyed had an unfavourable view of the terrorist organisation.

Lebanese Christians and Shia Muslims were the least favourable to Isis, both scoring populations 100 per cent unfavourable.

The subset of this survey most favourable to Isis were Nigerian Muslims (20 per cent).

Boko Haram, which has pledged allegiance to Isis, operates in Nigeria and was found to have caused the most deaths by terrorism in 2014, in a global report by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Its fighters were also responsible for half of the ten largest terrorist attacks of 2014, in terms of deaths.

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