Anti-lockdown protester breaks down on live radio and admits pandemic has ‘ruined’ her life

Anti-lockdown protester breaks down on live radio and admits pandemic has ‘ruined’ her life

An anti-lockdown protester has admitted the pandemic has ‘ruined’ her life.

In an exchange with LBC’s James O’Brien yesterday, a caller explained why she attends anti-lockdown protests and was moved to tears when describing her frustration with the pandemic.

She said:

“I was there on Saturday and I go to everyone. I find it quite empowering and it’s the only time I feel like I’m not on my own.”

“We have to get rid of masks. Let’s just stop the lockdown,” she added.

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“To be honest it's totally taken over my life because this has ruined my life, this has changed my entire life workwise, family-wise, friend wise, social wise,” she continued, her voice breaking.

Those against lockdowns, vaccines and other measures used to control the spread of coronavirus took to London’s Hyde Park and Oxford Street on Saturday to protest. Some turned to violence and threw bottles at police, while others donned yellow stars - a symbol of the Holocaust - to make a sick comparison to vaccine passports.

In his response to the caller who attended this protest, O’Brien said people involved in these protests were “taking advantage” of her “vulnerability”.

But the caller sounded aggravated and said she was not “vulnerable”.

“I’ve done a lot of research and it is very very very deep,” she claimed. She also revealed she does not watch television or read newspapers and uses ‘scientists’ online to source information. She said she would not go to a hospital if she broke a leg and expressed mistrust about veritable sources of information.

“Please if you get poorly see a doctor,” O’Brien said in a last-ditch attempt to get the caller to see logic.

And reacting to the conversation, one said:

While another said:

This wasn’t the only unusual phone call that O’Brien received on Monday.

Another anti-lockdown protester named Jarvis tried to justify breaking Covid laws by citing ancient Magna Carta laws. O’Brien managed to completely skewer his argument by asking Jarvis if he is allowed in the gorilla enclosure at London Zoo.

The conversation quickly descended from there with Jarvis claiming that O’Brien should be in the gorilla cage and that the presenter was a fascist before being cut off.

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