Justin Bieber shows off new dreadlocks – and is accused of cultural appropriation

Justin Bieber under fire for cultural appropriation
Justin Bieber under fire for cultural appropriation
Photo by LISA O’CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images

Justin Bieber is now wearing dreadlocks - leaving many fans accusing him of cultural appropriation.

Apparently the 27-year-old singer was on vacation with his wife Hailey when he posted the image to Instagram, and it’s stirred up a storm.

For many African Americans, dreads are considered a hairstyle that is a representation of black identity.

They are often associated with Rastafarianism, the most popular example being music legend and famous Rastafarian Bob Marley.

However, it is not a beauty or pop culture trend made openly available for white individuals to use as they see fit.

Upon posting the photo, Bieber immediately received immense backlash from individuals on social media.

While the majority of his fans rallied in his favor, others accused him of cultural appropriation.

“Justin Bieber has moved into a white people dreadlocks phase. I am indefinitely withdrawing my support for the pop singer until this misadventure concludes,” wrote one individual on Twitter.

“Justin sweetheart you have to understand that to support black people and the anti racism movement you have to be coherent to what you preach and that means not doing cultural appropriation ever dreadlocks do not look good on you @justinbieber,” wrote another.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time Justin showcased dreadlocks. He famously wore his hair that way in 2016, debuting a set of blonde dreadlocks ahead of the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Evidently, he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

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