Viral video shows police officer ‘racially profiling’ Black man at diner

Viral video shows police officer ‘racially profiling’ Black man at diner

A police officer has been accused of racial profiling after a video of his interaction with a Black diner in a restaurant went viral.

Marcus Townsend was at G&G Restaurant in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania when a police officer went into the restaurant.

The police were apparently asked to attend because of someone smoking marijuana outside the establishment.

Police officer William Moore stands next to Townsend who is seated at a table inside the restaurant. He can be seen telling Townsend that he was called there for him but fails to explain further.

Townsend repeatedly asked the officer, “What did I do, sir?”. Moore ignores the questions and demands to see identification before radioing for another unit to attend.

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A video of the incident was posted by Twitter user @davenewworld_2.

Townsend receives no answer as to what crime he is suspected of committing but shows the officer his ID. He then accuses him of racially profiling.

Officer Moore speaks into his radio: “Run that [ID number] please because this guy is saying that I’m racial profiling him.”

He then speaks directly to Townsend, saying: “Oh yeah, ’cause I just don’t like Black people.” Moore continues: “Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t care whether you’re white, brown, or tan.”

Townsend then asks if the officer is drunk, saying: “Are you drunk, sir? Why are you looking like that?”

In a second clip, Moore is joined outside by another officer. Moore is assured there are no warrants again Townsend but continues to request that he is sent any criminal history.

According to TribLIVE, the officer is currently under investigation for the incident.

People online were outraged at what they said was an “abuse of authority”.

Someone wrote: “Seems like HE is the only one in this situation with a criminal record.”

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