Anti-lockdown protesters slammed for use of Nazi Holocaust symbol

Anti-lockdown protesters slammed for use of Nazi Holocaust symbol

Anti-lockdown protesters are co-opting the use of Holocaust symbol, the yellow star.

At protests which took place in London this weekend, demonstrators at a ‘Unite for Freedom’ march wore the symbol to make the false claim that government measures to control the spread of coronavirus are comparable to Jews being forced to wear yellow stars during the Holocaust as a means of identification.

During WWII, the symbol was used to humiliate Jews and mark them out for segregation. The policy also made it easier to identity Jews for deportation to concentration camps. This weekend, protesters donned the stars and wrote “No Covid certificates” on them, while others held banners that said “stop the vaccine Holocaust” on them.

Reacting to the protesters, numerous people slammed the protestors.

Author Stephen Uzzell said:

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While Jewish comedian David Baddiel said:

Eight police officers were injured at the events in Hyde Park and Oxford Street in which maskless demonstrators threw bottles at the police.

Five people were arrested and mayoral candidates Piers Corbyn and Laurence Fox were among those who attended the march.

Home Secretary Priti Patel condemned the “senseless violence” and wished injured officers “a speedy recovery”.

But amid criticism of the lockdown rules, a growing number of people are wrongly using comparisons to Nazi Germany, to the disgust of observers.

The official Auschwitz Memorial condemned the protestors:

Comedian Katy Brand said, sarcastically:

Just when you thought anti-lockdown protesters couldn’t get any worse...

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